Wings of Hope Management will make the decisions regarding the level of support to be provided once the extent of vulnerability has been established by the volunteers doing assessment.  Amounts to be considered will range from 50% to 70% of school fees and requirements.  Guardians are required to “top up” the expenses as their investment in their child’s education.  Failure to do so in a timely manner will jeopardize the student’s continuing support from Wings of Hope.

Note:  The organization management reserves the right to make exceptions as to the level of support in extreme circumstances whenever it is believed to be the best (possibly only) alternative for a child.

The issue of vulnerability is very well known in Zambia among many government offices who deal with it on a regular basis. Among them is the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare. Wings of Hope is privileged to have on its Board a director of that department here in Livingstone.

It is with the assistance of social workers in this office, students on attachment and independent counselors that assessments will be done. The criteria for eligibility in the programs of Wings of Hope will be scrutinized by a group of such field workers for each applicant referred to us.

Attached to this business plan is an assessment tool developed by the Ministry director for our use.

Eligible candidates will initially be within Livingstone. They will be referred as mentioned before and they will need to complete an application. The application form to be used is attached to this Business Plan. They will be entering grade 8 through grade 12 and must be referred as stated previously. They will need to have access to a school and be willing to attend regularly and consistently. They must work diligently, completing all work that teachers ask of them to the best of their ability and notify teachers, parents and Wings of Hope when and if issues or challenges arise that are preventing good progress.

Guardians will be required to oversee the student’s progress and become actively involved in the education process, including reviewing report books, talking to teachers/school staff and ensuring all homework is completed daily. This includes continual monitoring of reading and writing skills improvement. Supplemental needs assessment by Wings of Hope volunteers will determine if tuitions or other extra help is needed. Wings of Hope volunteers must be given full access to all details related to the child’s education issues in order to facilitate the best possible solutions. Failure by the guardian(s) to actively participate in the student’s education monitoring can jeopardize that child’s continuance in these programs.

Later, as organization growth occurs, expansion to rural areas and beyond is predicted. At that time, business planning details will be added.

Providing support to vulnerable students gives Wings of Hope the responsibility to monitor the progress of all the students who receive support and to provide oversight to those involved with the education of the child.

As such, access to information from schools, students and parents is necessary and mandatory to ensure the best possible outcome for the child. Accountability is shared by all the parties and it is essential that excellent communication be utilized on a regular basis to ensure success.

Agreements will be entered into by the guardians, students and Wings of Hope management and adherence to those agreements is incumbent on all parties. Failure to do so jeopardizes the student’s participation in support programs.

Vulnerability is defined as “at risk” secondary school age children who may not be able to attend school because of no money to pay fees.

This may be caused by the fact that they are orphans being cared for by a relative with no means, parents are unemployed and/or unable to work, other children in the home are being given priority for funding or any other reason people are without the means to pay for school. These children are often brought to the attention of The Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare, the School Administrative Staffs, Teachers, Church leadership, Tuition Learning Centers, Institutes, or any community leader. To the extent that other programs are not already assisting these individuals, every effort will be made to step in and help as many as possible within Livingstone.

It is also the goal of Wings of Hope that events such as mission efforts, outreaches, crusades, feeding programs and other activities will serve to identify increasingly more needs of children in more rural areas over time. It is a primary objective that a model of supporting rural community schools by assisting with paying teacher salaries is implemented to guarantee the presence of teaching staff in an area where students would not otherwise be able to attend school.

Administration of the support to be provided the various students will require volunteers to travel to the school or bank of the school which a given student will attend and made payment directly to that institution.  Receipts are required and should contain student name, school name, date of payment, amount of payment and what the payment is for.

School requirements that are part of the agreed-to support must be purchased by a Wings of Hope representative and receipts provided for all purchases.

Any other support such as tuitions or family welfare items must be purchased by a Wings of Hope representative and receipts provided for all purchases.

Support other than financial support (such as spiritual, counseling, medical or other needs) will be referred to Wings of Hope management for determination of the best solution to the issue at hand.  Board members and/or partners will be engaged to assist as needed and families will be advised of their recommendations.

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