The primary strategy for donations to capitalize and sustain the organization is to seek many small monthly (or other regular) contributions from individuals, churches and other organizations.

Additional fundraising will be done by seeking grants and other large one-time contributions.

The primary strategy for identifying vulnerable students to assist will come from referrals by board members, local community leaders in all walks of life and from government and other assistance programs in place. A network of such groups will be identified and constant communication will promote a high level of involvement by all parties.

Additional strategies for identifying vulnerable students exist in the future plans to expand beyond Livingstone and into more rural areas. Outreaches, workshops, crusades, feeding programs, and other events will be sponsored to bring relief in these areas as well. In village community schools, we want to create the condition of a sponsored teacher (e.g. we pay the salary of a teacher so that he/she shows up to teach) and whoever is in the area is allowed to attend school for free.

Promotional Budget

Initial startup funds to establish the organization are estimated at approximately K6,000. This includes name searches, PACRA Registration, Ministry of Community Development Registration, Logo design, business stationary, initial website development, promotional logo shirts and miscellaneous office expense such as paper, copies, passport photos for bank account, meeting expense, etc.

Ongoing promotional budget and operational budget to be developed in conjunction with financial budgeting process to be completed before the end of 2016.

Proposed Location

The initial location for provision of services will be Livingstone, with outlying areas to be considered as growth is achieved. Villages and other cities in Southern Province will be targeted on a case by case basis and areas beyond to be considered as appropriate. It is our objective that a model is developed that can be sustained and repeated in other areas.

Referral Sources

Referral sources for students will continue to be board members, community leaders including pastors, government supervisors, business owners, school administration staff, head teachers, teachers, social welfare department employees, social workers.

Forecasted Support Required

Year 1 – 20 students ranging in age from grade 8-12 at a cost of K2,000 per student creates a need for funding of K40,000 for school fees and requirements alone. Operational expenses are estimated at K2,000 for the first year. The total estimated amount needed to achieve goals for the first year is K42,000 (K3,500/month).

Year 2 and beyond – The goal is to increase support by approximately 10% per year.

Services to be provided include the identification of vulnerable students needing help. This will be done utilizing a referral program whereby community leaders in all walks of life may recommend a struggling vulnerable student to Wings of Hope.

Applications will be completed by the individual (or his/her guardian) describing the need and why help is being requested.  An assessment of the need and a matching of the funds available will determine a candidate’s acceptance into the sponsor program and the level of support available.

Financial assistance will be provided by Wings of Hope designees by paying in cash to the school to be attended or depositing funds, depending on the school requirements. If books or other items are needed, those will be purchased by organization designees. Money will never be given to a recipient directly.

Meetings with the family to establish support mechanisms in the home will be provided and requirements discussed with guardians. Counseling and other needs will be considered as well (e.g. literacy programs, Christian education, etc.)

Annual reviews of each student will be done to evaluate the success of the student and their eligibility to continue on as a sponsored individual provided funds are available.

In the event a student is unsuccessful at achieving the next level of promotion, alternative courses of action may be discussed with the family and support may change. There are many paths to a career and vocational training may be a better solution for some students. Wherever possible, leading and supporting a student into a vocational path might prove to be the best way of helping a vulnerable student. Counseling will be offered to help the student identify his/her desired career path and/or calling and every effort will be made to support that.

Wings of Hope Community Outreach Limited is a Non-Profit Non-Government Organization (NGO) organized in June 2016 in response to the great need for assistance in continuing education of vulnerable youths of Zambia.

It is our objective to provide financial, emotional, spiritual and physical support that enables these youths to remain in school post grade 7 through to grade 12 and beyond.

Sponsored individuals will have access to education, career planning and development, mentoring, family wellness guidance and Christian learning opportunities.

The goal is to improve their chances of confidently entering the work force, to be self-sufficient, contributing members of their families and their community.

Mission Statement

Serving vulnerable youths in Zambia with faith based education opportunities and career development alternatives utilizing local community and international support.

Education starts at home. Donations start here.

There is a child waiting for you to help us so that they can go to school. Every bit of help makes a huge difference! Please help us help them by clicking on the link below!



Zambia Office

  • PO Box 60392
  • Livingstone, Zambia
  • Contact (Phone & WhatsApp):
  • Adrian Mashau: +260 974 94 1319
  • Debi Elliott: +260 972 89 1754
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

USA Office

  • PO Box 6894
  • Huntington Beach, CA 92615
  • Contact:
  • Sher Wells: (714) 357-5311
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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